A Hawk Run Hollow Contest!

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Thank you for all your interest in A Year at Hawk Run Hollow, the ninth in the popular Hawk Run Hollow series! Here’s your chance to take part in the 10th Hawk Run Hollow!
My sister Kathy Barrick (the originator of the series) and I are going to join forces to design the tenth chart. Send us your ideas for its theme. The first person to suggest a theme that both Kathy and I think will make a great HRH, will receive a FREE copy of the chart and have their name included on the packaging. Farms was inspired by my love of rural country side and farm animals. Spring seemed so obvious after Kathy’s Autumn and Christimas. I loved designing the Map of Hawk Run Hollow and placing lots of the shops that Kathy included in the Village of HRH and coming up with new landmarks. And finally, Year was a fun way to look at Hawk Run Hollow over time. Now it’s up to you to start the creation of the tenth chart! See the first nine at https://www.carriagehousesamplings.com/
Email your ideas to: chsamplings@gmail.com and kathybarrick@gmail.com   Thank you! Marty